The Write or Die Chick | The Story of Me
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The Story of Me


That’s the number of articles, stories, blog posts and pieces of copy I’ve produced as a writer, editor and journalist.


OK, that’s not necessarily true. It might not be quite that many. But it’s a whole lot.


I’m a word finesser, an evocative storyteller, an editing ninja and a cultural communications strategist. I have a big personality and I write big personality things. My work has been featured in more than 40 publications, from Essence and Ebony to The Atlantic and Rolling Stone and I’ve partnered with dozens of clients to slay their corporate and philanthropic storytelling.


I keep a sticky note on my laptop that says, “I just want to do good work and write stuff that matters.” I mean that from the bottom of my glitter well. I believe in the power of beautifully written sentences.


The Write or Die Chick is a boutique editorial services agency that specializes in magnetic content for and about women and people of color. It’s been my business baby since 2012, but I’ve been freelancing since way back (not too “way.” I’m not that old). I work with nonprofits. I work with churches. I work with government agencies. I work with community organizations. I work with big companies and small businesses. I’ll work with you too, if you ask nicely.


In case you’re interested in my papers, here ya go: I graduated with a degree in English from the illustrious Lincoln University in Pennsylvania—the first historically Black college in the country—and I’m just about finished with my master’s in African-American Studies from Temple University. Once upon a time, I thought about getting my doctorate. Now I’m pretty sure the streets of my personal heaven will be paved with receipts for paid-off student loans.


Last, and this is important: I have never eaten a piece of pie, I adore cute shoes and Seinfeld reruns, I can drive with my knees and I make award-winning cornbread (and by “award-winning,” I mean my family really likes it).

Welcome to my online hangout suite. Read. Engage.