The Write or Die Chick | Services
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Now, let’s get to what you came for. You want to know what I’ve done and what I can do. Welcome, you delightfully curious person.


I specialize in story-driven copy that engages and honors the experiences of women and people of color, and I love projects that allow me to help advance conversations about diversity, advocacy and social justice. Issues around race, gender, class and culture make my heart flutter, particularly related to African-Americans and groups undervoiced in the mainstream media. That passion comes across in my work.


Behold, a list of my services and writer-ly things that I absolutely love to do:

  • Reported articles
  • Blog posts
  • White papers
  • Marketing copy
  • Ghostwriting
  • Interviews
  • Bios and profiles
  • Copyediting
  • Web copy
  • Long-form journalism
  • Copywriting
  • Cultural communications strategy

I work with businesses and organizations of all sizes—Fortune 500 to start-ups—to develop brand messaging that speaks to African-American audiences. My specialty is Black women. I know what resonates, what sticks and what converts. I also help clients avoid marketing missteps that come across as culturally insensitive. (Because no one wants to be the newest villain on social media, amiright?)


Samples of my work await you a few clicks away in my portfolio. What do you need? Let’s talk about it (preferably over food, but snack-free conversations are just fine, too).

Creativity awaits. Let’s make something wonderful with words.