The Write or Die Chick | Workshops
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When I started SheScribes as a nonprofit program in 2013, I was inspired to help Black women and girls harness the creative and cathartic benefits of writing. I still am.


I lead weekly workshops at schools, churches and libraries for 12–18 year-old girls. Together, we experiment with different styles of writing, typically journalism, poetry, creative writing, journaling and blogging. By the end of the series, even girls who don’t claim writing as a hobby can celebrate their accomplishments in it.


Workshops for women are themed around a particular topic or issue—lost love, faith breaks, goal-setting—to incite self-discovery, inspire clarity and facilitate healing. It’s a powerful way to spend a couple of hours.


SheScribes is an intentionally safe and protective space for Black girls and women to share their work, support their individual and mutual talent, and tell their own stories in their own voices. If you’re interested in hosting a workshop, please contact me. I’d love to work with your group.

Writing is life. Schedule a workshop for your group.